Faith, Worry, and Anxiety

One thing I felt really guilty about until recently was the fact I worry so much, even though the Bible has a clear message of “Don’t worry”. I was scared of what this says about the strength of my faith. And I can’t say I’ve figured it out yet.

But when I was messaging a friend of mine who also has Anxiety recently and we were talking about this, she said something that I couldn’t believe I’d missed. When Jesus said not to worry about things, he didn’t say that as some kind of be all and end all command. He meant it more as a comforting sort of “You don’t need to worry because I’m here”.

So I can stop worrying about the fact I keep worrying, because my worry isn’t exactly disobedience. By all means, it’s something I need to work on, but it’s not something I have to feel guilty about any more; that’s certainly not how God would want me to feel about it.