Why I hate ice-breakers

Confession: I have been known to skip social events if I anticipate “ice-breakers” there.

So this one time two and a bit years ago (actually can I just round that up to three years to distance myself from the event please?) it was the start of second year of college, and it was the first Christian Union meeting of the new academic year. For the sake of the newly starting AS students we had ice-breakers. It was the “Tell people two truths and a lie about yourself and they guess what the lie is” game. I could not think of stuff on the spot just like that, especially not when I ended up having to play it in a group with a guy I had had the worst crush of my life on for like a year so far (and been too awk to talk to). I had written poems and diary entries galore about this guy, drawn his name in bubble writing, got into cheesy songs I previously had hated, the whole cringey lot, so now I was embarrassed before it even got to my turn to try and spin some witty little truths and lies.

I let the two other guys say theirs first obvs. I knew both of them already because we had been in the same English Language in the previous academic year. They were good mates with each other by now but I didn’t sit so near them in class and things were awkward.

So the truths and lies I came up with were: “I play the electric violin… I nearly got run over by a car when I was seven aaaaand… I study English Language?” (they’d been in the same English class as me ha ha, ho ho)

Their guess was that the squashed by a car story was a lie. But nope, that was true, the electric violin story was a lie. And person-of-interest acted so gutted that I didn’t actually play the electric violin, he’d always wanted to meet someone who did etc etc. And I freaked out inside like oh my wooord he almost thought I was an interesting person and oh my word why did I think me nearly getting run over as a seven year old was even an interesting fact what even was that??

When we all got back into the big group and had to introduce each other and our facts/lies to the rest of the group I spun awkwardly left and right in my spinny chair and averted my eyes as they listed my facts to everyone. I could not be done with that meeting soon enough. Oh I hardly ever frequented the sixth form’s CU again either.

I tiptoed out of an event just two weeks ago when they started playing this same ice-breaker game. I wasn’t supposed to be at that event anyway- I had thought it was a different thing (and that’s a whooole other story) and I’ve made a mental note to actually prepare two uncringey truths and a lie to use at every future event where this game is played (I don’t know why I haven’t done this sooner to be honest).



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