China Maybe!

As usual being at home for the holidays has consisted of too little work and too many cups of tea.

Seriously though, Easter has been great and now I hardly want to go back to uni. I’ve caught up with my friends back here; four of us hired a boat yesterday and then visited the ruins of a local castle. I also watched Harry Potter for the first time (behind the times, I know!) with a friend at her new place.

And here’s a picture of sunny Yorkshire which I took on a walk out the other week 🙂


Getting some much needed work experience for the summer had been worrying me a bit recently, as it was my plan to look for some in these few weeks of holiday. After rather dramatically refurbishing my CV, all that remained was to find local publishing firms and make phone enquiries. Phone. Enquiries… I stumbled through a couple of phone calls with no success.

Then I came accross an opportunity that would ultimately take more guts, but it looked more rewarding in the long run.

And the upshot of it is that I have been accepted for a one-month internship in China!

I got through a skype interview without showing my nerves, without tripping over words, or giving short answers. And that was a big deal. But I was still preparing myself for a “No” answer until yesterday when I got a “Yes”.

But I know I might be crowing too soon, because apart from all the faffing about with visas and travel insurance that will inevitably cause stress between now and July, there’s social anxiety too. It’s liable to affect how assertive I am (or am not) travelling alone halfway accross the world (have been abroad once and that was with a plane-savvy friend, have never left Europe), living in a different culture, making friends in a very unfamiliar setting, and attending all the networking events and socials that will be part of the internship. I had an idea of this when I applied, but I prayed that if I wasn’t capable of this, I wouldn’t get accepted. I don’t know if God works like this but I’m going to take a risk on it anyway!

To summarise: I’m terrified but I can’t wait.


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