Liebster Award

Thank you so much to for nominating me for the Leibster Award, I feel really honoured! You should definitely check out her blog because it’s amazing πŸ™‚


Ξ§ 1) Post the award on your blog
Ξ§ 2)Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog
Ξ§ 3)Write 11 random facts about yourself
Ξ§ 4)Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers
Ξ§ 5) Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.


  1. Β I have never been on an aeroplane. It’s funny because I have always had a fascination with the idea of flying and all things that fly. I will be going on a plane for the first time this December with my best friend and I couldn’t be more excited! That leads on to my second fact…
  2. I am going to Iceland in 2 months! It’ll be the week before Christmas so I can’t wait to see what it’ll like there with all the Christmas decorations up.
  3. I love accents. Especially Scottish, Australian, and Scandinavian accents. My own accent is a Yorkshire accent, which for anyone not from the UK is a large county in Northern England, the best one of them all (in my humble opinion). In England we have such a vast number of different accents and we don’t all sound like the BBC/Queen at all like a lot of folk outside the UK think. Just so you know. πŸ˜›
  4. Blooming heck I’m starting to get stuck for facts now.. I’m a bookworm; I love Lord of the Rings and a lot of the classics. My favourite book genre is Fantasy.
  5. I have just started studying English Language, Literature, and Creative Writing at university.
  6. My favourite colour is blue. When I was 13 I thought it would be a good idea to turn my bedroom entirely blue so I got a dark blue carpet, medium blue wallpaper, and duckegg blue ceiling but later I regretted this as the carpet in particular makes my room seem a pretty dark.
  7. Β I look a fair bit younger than I actually am. I’ve just turned 20 but like everyone I meet for the first time thinks I’m 16.
  8. I am terrified of spiders to a drastic extent. I struggle to even look at a picture of one. Things went downhill after I once stepped on quite a big one at home wearing nothing but socks, and then proceeded to watch it unflatten itself and stare me down for another half hour because it had me cornered.
  9. I have a crazy dog called Tiffy. She’s a cross between a staffy and something else, not sure what. She’s bigger than a staffy with slightly longer hair. And I’ve trained her to high five like a pro.
  10. I love writing.


  1. I’d Rather Be In Iceland
  2. Graduate From Social Anxiety
  3. mysticheartblog
  4. Courage and Hope
  5. my personal thing
  6. Hanna Y
  7. A Diplomat’s Daughter
  8. J. Sevick
  9. emilymelendez4
  10. GRATIA
  11. therealityblog


  1. What is your daily routine? Well I’m still settling into my new routine but it’s pretty much: Get up really late in the morning, have breakfast, have a cup of tea, and then go to my lectures which start around lunchtime. Then I come back and make a cup of tea and go to my room in the flat I share with 7 others, put my laptop on and do homework/surf the internet, then go to the kitchen again and cook tea, then go to a society/go back to my laptop and do laptoppy things till late.
  2. Do you have any superstitions? Nope, none that I’m aware of!
  3. One thing absolutely no one knows about you. Oh blimey I don’t know! Which is weird because I’m not the most open of people. But everything I think of at least one person knows about. Oh hang on, not exactly a tasty secret but there’s a poem I discovered recently called “Come to the Edge” by Christopher Logue that I really like, and I don’t believe I’ve shared that with anyone yet.
  4. Cats or dogs? Dogs all the way.
  5. If you could have anything in the world, what would it be, and why? The ability to fly. Because how cool would that be?
  6. Favorite TV show? Sherlock!
  7. Favorite drink out with your friends? Peach Schnapps. Literally the only alcoholic drink I’ve tried that I like.
  8. Ideal date night? Something spotaneous, watching the stars (jokes it rains all day and all night in Lancaster) and just talking maybe.
  9. One thing off of your bucketlist? I don’t have an organised bucket list as such but I do want to see the Northern Lights. I’m hoping to see them when I go to Iceland this winter!
  10. Favorite candle scent? Any of the Christmassy scents.
  11. Let’s be friends? Yeah why not! =)



4. The furthest city you have travelled to?
5. Films or books?
6. Most unusual thing you have eaten?
7. Favourite colour?
8. Any favourite words?
9. A book you want to be made into a film, or remade into a new film?
10. Morning or evening person?
11. Cooking or baking?
11. Anything new you want to learn?
11. Favourite game?
11.Do you speak any other languages?

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