Finding Routine and Settling in

If Fresher’s week went slowly, my second week at university has flown by. Nothing much happened this week, except for settling into the new routine. I don’t have any morning lectures or seminars, which means I now get the dream life of lie-ins all week long. This may change when I start to get coursework and essays however.

Things took a dive on Wednesday when everything seemed to go wrong; for one thing I took some clothes down to the launderette and accidentally put the washer on without any detergent in. That was a waste of money. I also managed to fail at online shopping one day so the next day traipsed into town on the bus and back to go to the supermarket, carrying 5 heavy bags all the way back to the bus in torrential rain.

All in all, however, things were good. I can’t say I’ve made any friends on my degree courses yet, but then I don’t have that many lectures and seminars to go to a week. A couple of the girls in my flat who have much fuller timetables were inviting new friends back to the flat or going to their friends’ flats and I was baffled by how anyone can reach that stage of friendship so fast.

I feel very much at home with my flatmates though and that gives me a huge sense of contentment. I had a conversation with one of them for about 3 hours solid last Sunday and yesterday night four of us went to the cinema in town to watch The Maze Runner.

I experienced a little bit of anxiety at my first creative writing seminar yesterday though. There were 10 of us and we were given certain cues to do free-writing activites, where we all had 3 minutes to just write anything that came to our heads really fast, sparked off by whatever sentence or topic we had to build on. Then we had to read out our favourite 3 sentences. My imagination had taken some ridiculous turns so when I read out my sentences I was hoping someone would laugh to relieve the awkwardness– but no, resounding silence. It was so awkward. I thought “Should’ve picked history!” and cringed whenever I thought about it for the next 3 hours.

I got carried away and joined at least 5 societies in fresher’s week, but I didn’t go to any of their introductory events this week because they were all socials, and the idea of sitting around purely trying to make conversation scared me to death. Maybe next week when the pressure feels less!

Today, Saturday, is the first time it has stopped raining all week. It’s a beautiful day and I have had nothing to do, so I decided to go for a walk around campus. I left my phone and purse behind so I could just walk, with my camera to take pictures but little else. It was quiet on campus and I just went wherever my whims took me. Now and again I had mild anxiety, thinking people may see me and think me a loner. I know this is unlikely, nobody really pays that much attention. Besides, I saw other people walking solo. I let myself lose track of the time and had a really enjoyable walk, feeling so privileged to be here. I’ve posted some pictures below.

IMG_1973 IMG_1968 IMG_1964 IMG_1969

3 thoughts on “Finding Routine and Settling in

  1. I know exactly how you feel! I remember taking a creative writing class in university. We all had to read out what we wrote, and it was so awkward when I had to read out mine. We were also made to give oral feedback and I felt like I had to sound as intelligent as everyone else.

    Good luck with the society stuff. I’m also pretty anxious about that stuff – the rate of making friends differs. Sometimes I’m lucky to click with a couple of people straight away, and others takes me months.


    1. Thanks for commenting, I can relate to that so much! In my creative writing class we will also be expected to critique each other’s work which seems pretty scary; I have a tendency to be overly polite because I hate confrontations. I’ve had lots of situations where I’ve been asked to contribute in class but due to my nervousness everything came out in short, broken phrases and I didn’t sound intelligent at all.

      I know exactly what you mean about making friends too! Occasionally I just click with someone and don’t find it hard to become friends, but usually it takes a long time. I hope you overcome your anxiousness about these things πŸ™‚


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