Doorknocking and other Horrors

I’m so excited about having a blog that I’m back again already!

I am unwinding now after spending the last half an hour stalking up and down my street knocking on the doors of folks who didn’t leave their Avon catalogues outside for me to pick up today. Thank goodness that’s over with! I had to knock on the nextdoor neighbours’ door (with whom my parents havent always seen eye to eye) and frankly that was just awkward. I knocked on another door and immediately noticed the catalogue was on an outdoor ledge staring me in the face- made a runner before anyone answered the door! On the bright side I actually got an order from one house, the house with the friendly black cat we like to call Tinkerbell for the bell on its collar.

Yeah so about a month ago I was out walking my dog wearing a scruffy ponytail and sunglasses, when this girl in a posh black car drove up next to me and hard sold me into doing Avon. I’m actually quite enjoying it as it gives me something to do for the summer and a chance to earn some pocket money before I go to university.

Although I started with only a week and 10 catalogues, by the grace of God I actually got a super large order. It gave me a nice lil morale boost.

Then all the stuff came in parcels yesterday and the fun really did begin! Only one of my houses had made an order; the rest were from friends and the dentists. So I decided to be oh-so considerate and ring up the lady in the house to check if it was convenient to take her order round (usually you just turn up on the door). One symptom of Social Anxiety* can be fear of making phone calls to strangers and I’m no exception. I picked up the phone, tapped in the number, and then realised my heart was thumping violently fast. So I took a few minutes to breathe deeply, to little effect, before doing the job. As the phone was ringing I kept needing to swallow until I got scared it would make me choke the moment someone answered and I had to say “Hello bla, bla, bla.” This didn’t happen, but I still goofed up. When a voice answered I asked in my politest little angel voice, “Hello, is that Janet?” Turned out it was a bloke who said in his unpolitest sarcastic voice “No, does it sound like Janet?” In my defence, his voice had this Winnie the Pooh-like quality that made it sound like it could be either an old man or an old woman’s voice. For the rest of the phone call he sounded tetchy and I stuttered cause I was unnerved. The upshot of it was that he told me to ring back later (the last thing I wanted to do!) In the end, all was well, but I don’t think I’ll be going out of my way to make any unnecessary phone calls again!

I didn’t sleep very well, and I always find this significantly amps up my Social Anxiety the next day. My first job was to go to the dentists this morning with all their orders, but I’ve never dealt with so much money before and goodness knows my maths is disgusting– somehow I came out of school with a B in it but that was by blood, sweat, and tears (Figure of speech guys!). I know a couple of the dentists and they’re lovely but nevertheless the old S.A.D got in the way again. I got all my maths wrong under their watchful stares, forgetting to check how much they’d given me and they had to tell me how much change I needed to give them because I was all a muddle. It’s a good job they’re an honest bunch or they’d have got an extra £20 change! Me oh my.

And then all the scuttling around chasing down catalogues tonight, as I’ve already mentioned. I’m going to have plenty more of that in the next few months.

*Being scared of making calls doesn’t necessarily mean you have S.A.D


3 thoughts on “Doorknocking and other Horrors

  1. HI! Wow, you sound a lot like me and I am sure I am much older than you! I have general anxiety disorder as well as major depressive disorder, which i have had since I was in my teens, I am 54 now. Somehow I managed to get through life and raise a child on my own. Now, due to the anxiety and depression as well as some physical problems I am unable to work outside the home, so I have applied for disability benefits, but here in the States that is a long legal battle I have been fighting for 2 years already. So, to keep myself busy I started writing. And, to have enough money to put gas in my car and buy my meds, I am selling Avon! How about that? I used to sell it when I was working, and it helped me come out of my shyness, as it gave me something to talk about. Then I stopped selling for awhile because I just got tired of it. I wish I had never stopped! Now, I am struggling to find new customers. Over here, we don’t do the door to door thing too much. I do plan on hanging book at the houses on my street, and I leave them at the dentist and the hair salon and carry them with me in case someone compliments my makeup or clothes, I can share Avon with them and leave a book. It’s all very hard to get started and keep at it. I don’t know how Avon works where you are, but over here we can sell online, and I get some business that way. Being online also allows me to print the invoices, adjust the invoices for any discounts I might want to allow, and send emails to my customers and also place ads on Facebook. I also encourage my customers, if i know them, to write a check, rather than cash. This saves on the effort of making change. I hope you keep up with selling Avon, like i said i wish I had never quit, I would be so far ahead by now. No matter what other career you get into, you will always have this income to pad your pockets and help make your dreams come true. Also, i noticed on one of your other blog entries that you mentioned believing that we are all born with an immoral nature. Something to that effect. I do not know your religion or beliefs, but I was to share with you that I do not believe we are born that way. I believe we are made in God’s image, and thus we carry a spark of His divinity within us, we are born perfect, its only later that we learn from the world to be selfish. Please consider this. I would love for you to believe that you are who you are meant to be, already, and complete. Your struggles are part of that design, placed in your path to help you become stronger. And you will! You are brave, creative, beautiful and beloved by the One who created all that you are ! Blessed Be, Susan


    1. Wow, thank you for your thoughtful comment and encouragement! It sounds like you’ve had the most challenging time! So much respect to you for managing to stay strong and retain your positive outlook all that time. I’ll remember you in my prayers 🙂 It’s also heartening to hear that selling Avon has helped you with your shyness, and I hope it does the same for me. Unfortunately I can’t do it long term as I’m moving off to university soon, and I doubt I could keep up with it when I’m studying. It’s funny you should mention using cheques as well. My area manager advised me not to take them in case the customer writes their details wrong and it bounces, but in hindsight I’m thinking most cheques already have the details printed on, so they might just be the way forward! We can sell online here too, and I’ve tried a bit of advertising on Facebook on buy and sell groups but so far I haven’t got any orders that way. I probably just haven’t advertised enough yet. I firmly agree with you that we’re made unique in the image of God! It’s great to meet someone else who not only has anxiety but is a Christian. I probably could have worded that bit you mention better. I don’t think people are born sinners but I do think we’re born with a predisposition to be sinful, ready to kick in as soon as we start walking and talking. I found this idea of it being learnt behaviour really interesting as it’s not one I’ve been introduced to before and it made me think in a lot more depth about the whole subject. I was thinking that if it’s learnt then theoretically there should be the tiniest chance that you could have a perfect human being. But if you could somehow isolate two babies so that they grew up with little or no outside influence, surely they would still at the very least squabble among themselves. I reckon the fact only God’s son was able to redeem us shows there was no hope of ever having the perfect “normal” (for want of a better word) human being to do this. Once again, thanks for your lovely comment, Charlotte 🙂


  2. I am glad you found something useful in my response! First, do only take checks from people you know, because of the chance of bouncing. Your neighbors should be fine because you know them and know how to contact them. You can take a break from Avon while you go to school, and start again later. I have done that 3 times now! Second, about sin and perfect humans, don’t forget that Jesus was also fully human, and he had bouts of anger and meloncoly. He had fear, remember how he prayed to his Father to let “this cup pass me by” just before he was arrested? The only thing that is sin, is anything that you let seperate you from God. That is all it is. Little children remember their time with Jesus before being born, then as they get to be about 5 years old they start to forget and must learn how to get along in this world, which isn’t easy. The good God knows this about us. Just remember you are a work in progress, Jesus is the artist of your soul but you must do the work, follow the guidance which is that little voice in your head that tells you the truth, and you won’t go wrong. So happy to be in contact with you and I am looking forward to reading your posts in the future! All blessings be yours, Amen.

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