So on a whim I’ve decided to write a blog about my experiences with social anxiety. I can’t pin down exactly why. I guess I feel like I need some sort of voice, as I never really discuss it with people I know even though it’s a major part of my everyday life. I also just like to write, even if it is about such a subject as this. I’ll try not to get overly stuck inside my own head, as this isn’t a diary. I’ll also try to bring some positivity into the equation rather than coming across as whiny.

I’m 19 years old and am starting university in autumn, having just finished my A Levels at college. Although I know of a few people heading to the same university as me, I never really got to know them well at college (Social anxiety has a lot to do with that!). So leaving home for the first time is making me super nervous right now. I’m not entirely dishonest with people when they say to me “You must be so excited about university!” and I agree, because I genuinely am excited about studying the subject I love and doing the whole independence thing. But I can’t stress enough how much the social side of it worries me.

Ok, that was borderline whiny; I’m going to leave it there.

Signing off,



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